As a resident of the Premium Residential Apartments at Amali, you will experience seamless, uninterrupted living in luxurious style. A few of the high end amenities include private storage spaces, chauffeur’s lounge, car washing facility, and much more. And of course, Amali maintains 24-hr full power back-up to ensure that the residents are unaffected by power outages.

service elevator

We provide a special elevator for the service and maintenance staff. The service elevator can also be utilized by visitors and guests.


Private lobbies

Each block at Amali has a spacious private lobby which offers exclusivity to the entrances.

box rooms

Individual private storage spaces, which are easily accessible and convenient to use, are available for all residents.

A special Chauffeur's lounge in luxury apartment

Chauffeur’s lounge

A designated lounge and cafeteria area located near the car park provides an ideal space where chauffeurs can refresh themselves, thereby not disturbing the ambiance of the community.

waste disposal room

The Amali complex contains a discrete garbage and waste disposal area with easy access from the exit gate.

Luxury home's waste disposal room
Amali's DG Backup

100% Dg Backup

24-hour full-power backup ensures that residents of Amali are unaffected by power outages.

Stacked parking provision

Our intelligent car parking solution allows for an additional number of cars per household. This is an invaluable space utilization advantage for future needs.

Stacked parking provision in Premium Apartments

car wash

A car washing facility located in the basement provides the latest car wash equipment and operations.


The common laundry facility contains washers and dryers to effortlessly provide services for all residents.

Advanced Common Laundry point